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Metalic cases

GRADIENT manufactures metallic cases and their subassemblies according to the EU standards.

GRADIENT manufacturing machines include: milling and lathing machines, cutting and forming sheet metal, various hydraulic and mechanical presses, TIG, spot and electrode welding, CNC routers, electrostatic and serigraphy painting, treatment ovens, sanding machines and so on. Cabling and assembly of various devices is also made in house.

GRADIENT cases are made of steel sheet metal ranging between 0,5mm and 1,5mm thickness or aluminium with thicknesses between 1mm and 3mm.They are electrostatically painted, the thickness and the quality of the coating are permanently tested with each batch.

fixed shape metal cases for electronic devices  

metal cases for alarm and access control systems  

customizable metallic cases for electronic devices starting from a client design or a design made by Gradient satisfying client's requests  



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