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Security signs printed on sheet metal, plastic or paper

A. The security signs are made of different materials:

1. Galvanized sheet metal, width between 0.3mm and 1.5mm or aluminium 1.5mm sheet, electrostatically painted and printed with a serigraphy process. Resistant to corrosion, UV and ozone. Perforations are made so they can be installed even on cylindrical pillars. They are more reliable than sticker security signs.

2. Plastic material imported from Germany width between 0.9mm and 3mm.

3. Paper (sticker), easily glues to any surface.

The signs are guaranteed for 1 year with a medium time before failure of 7 years depending on the usage scenario.

Standards compliance. The security signs are made according to the following:

1.        Romanian STAS 297/1-88: ”Colors and security signs. General technical requirements.” and  STAS 297/2-92 „Colors and security signs. Representations.”.

2.        Minimal requirements for work safety and/or health safety signs. ORDER no.599/18.X.1998 harmonized with EU regulation 92/58/CEE

The size of the signs and master-forms are the usual standard: forbidding, warning and obligation: 200x290mm ; safety : 200x145mm. Different sizes (according to STAS 297/2-92) can be made on demand. New shape for signs and master-forms can be also made if customer requires it for particular cases.

The photo below shows warning sign GC40204S installed on an electrical pillar with an M14 bolt.The indicator is made of 0.6mm steel sheet metal to cope with the high speed of wind from that area.






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