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Metallic cases for alarm systems and access control systems

The cases can accommodate inside the electronics board, the transformer, the battery, the signal connectors. The cuts suite directly modules made by Paradox, DSC, Bentel. The case complies with the safety regulations: it has an earth connection and also an earth wire connected to the lid. A 50mm cut on the back is made for connections to the outside, and on the sidewalls there are 3 unfinished cuts with a diameter of 22mm which can be removed if needed by applying pressure. The lid is totally detachable, being fixed to the base with self screwing bolts. Cuts are made on the side for an optional tamper switch.

The cases are made of 0.6mm thick steel. Paint is applied electrostatically, standard color being textured RAL 7035. In the case of orders above 500 pcs. a different color can be chosen. Custom decals or branding symbols can also be painted on demand.

The cases can be optionally equipped with a transformer ( 20VA or 30VA, 16.5V output) and a fuse.

Ga01 dimensions : 250x75x210 mm




carcasa GA01

Case GA01 equiped with PETRA 20VA transformer, fuse and mains clamps


Carcasa GA01

Top view of GA01 - the louvres ensure operating stability


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